Poetic License – Albany

Poetic License – Albany


Open to all past and present UAG Members. All media will be permitted.  Work must have been completed in the last 24 months. Work must be able to be delivered and picked up on the dates speci­fied.     THE UAG CANNOT STORE WORK!!!!

Entrants must select a curated poem from a HVWG member, and the artwork should be inspired by the poem.  Otherwise, your work is limited only by imagination, ability, and the following:     
• Maximum size of work in any direction is 6 feet
• Work must be wired & ready to hang (3-D or media work must come display ready)
• Work must be clearly labeled with the artist’s name, name of work, price, and contact information (including app-based pay options if applicable)   
Entry procedure and fees:
Browse poems curated by the Hudson Valley Writers Guild (HVWG) to select a poem for inspiration.

  • Select your poem from the drop-down list on the submission page.
  • Once the artwork is complete, Artists are encouraged to email artist/artwork information, images of the work, and a 1-2 page artist bio to info@upstateartistsguild.org
  • There is no submission fee for this show.    
  • Submission information and images of completed work must be received by midnight on *October 25th 2023. *Thank you for your patience while we secured a location!

The Show:
The show will run from 11/1 through 11/30/2023 at the Empire Fish Market Gallery and 12/1-12/29  at Honest Weight Food Co-op. Ideally, we would like the entire show to move from EFM to HWFC, but if your work isn’t available for the extended dates, arrangements can be made. UAG will carefully move all work from Troy to Albany on 11/30-12/1/23.

Un-sold artwork must be picked up from Honest Weight Food Coop on a date/time to be shared ASPA***Most likely 12/30 12-2pm. Please contact Rebecca ahead of time if other arrangements are necessary. THE UAG CANNOT STORE WORK.
Thank you for your patience.

Artists whose work is sold will receive 100% of the sale price.  There will be no commission fee.  Patrons will be encouraged to pay cash, write a check directly to the artist or be provided the artist’s PayPal, Venmo or other app-based payment.
We strongly suggest submitting by email.
City, State, Zip:
App-based payment method (if applicable):
Name as you would like it on art label, if different from above:

Title of Selected Poem:

In the event that you selected two poems, enter second entry info here:

2. Title:
Title of Selected Poem: 
The UAG will take all possible precautions for the protection and care of all works for the duration of the show. 
The UAG CANNOT STORE WORK: Artists MUST pick up the work on the dates specified or make arrangements with the gallery ahead of time if you cannot make it during the pickup times. Artwork left at the gallery for over 30 days becomes property of the UAG. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, we cannot accept your artwork for display.
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The UAG is open to all and was established to promote the appreciation, practice, and enjoyment of art; art education and artistic endeavors throughout the community; and to work with the community to stimulate an interest in the arts.
It also works to support emerging artists, by providing them the opportunity to exhibit their work in a gallery.  The UAG is a not-for-profit volunteer organization.    

For more information visit/write to:     


Empire Fish Market? What is that?

An art show at a grocery store?