Poetic License – Albany

Poetic License – Albany

Walking the Cat

Tom Corrado - Walking the Cat
Tom Corrado - Walking the Cat

Walking the Cat

by Tom Corrado


She prefers to spend her days lazed

in the stuffy arms of a chair by the window

where she can keep an emerald eye

peeled for caricatures in the street.

Her pleasures are unparalleled

though this morning she carried on

about the hot cereal being anything but.

Later, despite the coming snow

she insisted on our usual walk –

the side streets troubled by student drivers

at ten and two, the vacant lot flecked

with white. We stopped for a paper

which pleased her to no end, knowing

it would eventually wind up in her box.

She doesn’t seem to mind old news.

On the way home she mentioned

the snow blower which I should have

had serviced in the fall, and her wish

to return to her pastime of compiling lists

of restaurants with take-out sushi

at reasonable prices for friends and acquaintances.

But you know how that goes.